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As part of the City of San Antonio’s cultural masterplan, Parts conceived and produced a city wide campaign of interactive events for Public Art San Antonio.

Public art communicates our shared values, reinforces the character of a place, and humanizes the built environment. Still, many people have only a vague understanding of what public art is, how it is created,  or why it matters. To raise awareness about their work and as a reintroduction to the general public, Public Art San Antonio worked with Parts to organize a citywide campaign around public art literacy.

One big idea for the campaign was to evolve the traditional public meeting format toward authentic, interactive experiences that create space for substantive dialogue about public art. A series of small group stations fostered conversations around different themes and feedbck. The responses were used to prioritize future public art projects and goals.

Visitors enjoyed offerings from a rotating cast of artists, musicians, and restaurants from each district, lending local flavor to every experience. Custom furniture and “engagement equipment” was fabricated to facilitate the desired interactions at each station. Through their intensive investment in crafting enjoyable events, PASA made a down payment on future public engagements.